Smart Self- Diagnostics​

Appling original technology and convergence technology we develop an innovative diagnostic platform through research and development.

In vitro diagnostic platform technology that can diagnose health conditions on its own with a smartphone without additional equipment by applying AI technology.

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1) AI technology enables accurate diagnostics.​

It has achieved more than 95% diagnostic accuracy with 4.5 million learning data, and the accuracy will increase due to the increase in learning with the growing number of users​.

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2) Diagnose only with a smartphone without any additional equipment ​

One of the core values of the smart world is simplicity. So should smart healthcare. However, most smart healthcare products need separate professional diagnostic equipment. Philmedi creates a diagnostic world that can only be realized with a smartphone. By studying the characteristics of the CMOS image sensor contained in the smartphone and various environments while taking photo, the deviation was minimized.

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3) Non-invasive in vitro diagnostics can help you take care of your health.​

The biggest reason for the drop in the self-blood sugar test rate is the blood gathering. There are no substances that reflect health conditions or changes in the body as well as hormones and substances in body. We quantitatively analyzes hormones and specific substances contained in body fluids such as high urine, saliva, and sweat other than blood and analyzes and the level and the correlation between substances in the body.

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4) Develop healthcare platforms for your entire life cycle​

Hormones and substances in the body change as the body develops and degenerates. We will manage individual health by analyzing substances and hormones that change throughout life.​

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