POC Molecular Diagnostic Platform

A platform technology accurately diagnoses diseases and liberates people from the fear of infectious diseases.

POCT Molecular Diagnostic Platform​

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1) It's a quick and accurate POC diagnostic kit

While experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, we experienced the risk of infectious diseases on mankind. PCR has a weak on-site response (6 hours), and the rapid antigen diagnostic kit is not accurate(30%). ASoC, an POR molecular diagnostic platform under development by Philmedi, is a molecular diagnostic system optimized for the field. Early detection of infectious agents with sensitivity and specificity of more than 90% and classification. By doing so, it can most effectively block the spread of infectious diseases.​

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2) Multi-purpose platform for all infectious diseases

We don't know when the next pandemic outbreak will come to us. There are many risks of infectious diseases, and viruses and bacteria are constantly transforming in humans to survive as hosts. This is why the technology for diagnosing infectious diseases should be fast and accurate, and the importance of on-site diagnosis technology is highlighted. The on-site molecular diagnostic kit that Philmedi is developing is designed to apply to all infectious diseases.

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3) It opens the era of self diagnostics of infectious diseases

PCR testing requires a process called gene-separation-extraction-amplification, and this process can only be done by highly skilled professionals. The molecular diagnostic platforms developed by Philmedi can be used without professionals. It will provide a system that anyone can easily check regardless of the level of knowledge or language understanding.​

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4) It's a single-use diagnostic system without any specific equipment​

It is a disposable diagnostic system that can produce accurate results like PCR and easy to use like a rapid antigen kit.

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5) It creates a world free from disease​

The on-site molecular diagnostic platform we are developing will be offered at affordable price in the world. Economic issue should not be a obstacle with diagnosis to protect health.

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POC Molecular Diagnostic Platform​

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