Pervasive Healthcare Information Laboratory.


Philmedi develops all of its business areas using platform technology, with a focus on expanding the range of diseases that can be diagnosed on the same platform. Each year, the scope of diagnosis is broadened with the goal of creating a comprehensive diagnosis platform.

Self- Diagnostics

The self-diagnosis platform is an innovative in vitro diagnostic technology that allows individuals to self-diagnose and manage their health conditions using just a smartphone, without the need for any additional equipment.

POC Molecular diagnostics Platform

The POC molecular diagnosis platform is a highly innovative in vitro diagnostics technology that allows for rapid and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases in the field, without the need for separate equipment.

Drug Test

The drug testing platform was specifically designed with ease of use in mind, and is continuously being expanded to cover a wider range of diagnostic drugs.

Patent & Licenses

Check out the original technology of Philmedi's innovative diagnosis platform.
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