Drug Test

Appling original technology and convergence technology we develop an innovative diagnostic platform through research and development.

Drugs that make human painful must be eliminated.

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1) We are going to test all the drugs

Drugs are a big problem for mankind to solve. Just as medical technology focuses on prevention and diagnosis, drug control fundamentally prevents drug use before finding drug Users need to take precedence over. The harmful drug testing platform developed by Philmedi does not test the urine or body hair of a person who takes drugs, but before drugs are used, it helps stop taking them. As drug trafficking increases, ordinary people are also directly exposed to the threat of sex crimes. We will develop a hazardous substance detection platform that can test everything from drugs to harmful materials.​

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2) We develop products that maximize their convenience​

All drug test platforms developed by Philmedi, such as sticker types and color change technology were designed in consideration of user convenience. We develop essential products that take into account regarding convenience of the frontline experts (police, customs officers, etc.) for drug specialists as well as regular users of product.

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