It analyzes luteinizing hormone (LH) with a smartphone and accurately predicts the start date of menstruation and ovulation period.

She is the first product of state-of-the-art smart healthcare that can predict physiological changes and analyze diseases by quantifying the composition and concentration of hormone in body without any additional devices but just smartphone only.

“She” predicts the start date
of period and its ovulation

“She” predicts the start date of period and its ovulation

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User guide

  1. Urine is collected in a clean container.
  2. Take out the strip from the packaging container, immerse it in the urine container with the sample pad facing down for 10 seconds, and then remove it.
  3. Place the urine-soaked strip on a flat surface, and after 10 minutes, turn on the smartphone app to check the results on the screen.

Test results



It's good for someone like these.


People with irregular periods.

The normal menstrual cycle is 24-39 days. If it is out of this range, it is called menstrual irregularity. It is common in adolescents who have just started menstruation, those who are still growing, and those who overwork or stress out. Since it is difficult to know the start date of menstruation only by questionnaire or body temperature, the exact start date of menstruation can be known by the trend of luteinizing hormone (LH) that directly affects menstruation.​


Those who needs a planned pregnancy

Women’s social activities are increasing, and infertility is increasing due to long-term contraception. According to the results of the 2021 survey, the domestic infertility experience rate reached 17%. Pregnancy planning during ovulation is a very important point in intended pregnancy. Changes in female hormones can accurately determine the optimal time and duration of ovulation for a woman’s body to conceive.


If you want a well-planned lifestyle

The schedule of our lives, such as travel, tests, and events, is significantly related to the rhythm of our bodies. We would like to inform you of the wisdom of adjusting the schedule during the dayMany of the contraceptive methods choose contraception using extrapolation or menstrual cycles. Knowing the exact menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle is a shortcut to protect myself and enrich my life.

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